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Web SMS Application

For instant web-based sending from your browser.

Send messages direct from your web browser

and receive replies.


Messaging Solutions

Improved communications in business, Mobile Marketing, Social Networking, Mobile Banking, Mobile Insurance, Personal Users, Government, Travel/Hospitality, Education, Health Care, Religious.

MILWEB BULK SMS powerful portal solutions enable you to deliver messages securely, reliably and instantly to just about anyone you need to reach, wherever they are and whatever device they're using. Whoever you are, and whatever messaging capabilities you need for your site, system or application to have, we provides it.

Here's what we do to help:


Mobile Terminated SMS (MT) also known as Bulk SMS or Push SMS enables the delivery of messages from a mobile business application to a mobile subscriber's handset. MILWEB BULK SMS Portal transmits messages to subscribers served by more than 700 operators in over 150 countries around the world. MILWEB BULK SMS's superb technical solution enables reliable, efficient and cost-effective channel for bringing your messages to consumers.

If you need to send out high volumes of text messages in one go e.g. running competitions and marketing campaigns, sending notifications to employees, notifying customers of deals, promotions and events etc, then use the table below to determine which product is best suited to your needs based on how many SMS messages you wish to send at one time:

Bulk SMS / SMS-MT enables a wide range of industries to use SMS in many applications, such as person-to-person messaging and application-to-person messaging. This service can also be used for enterprise communications, especially for alerts and notifications.

MILWEB BULK SMS Portal offers different types of SMS MT services which fit best to business requirements clients may have. All services leverage the SWIFTWEB BULK SMS mobile transaction network and it's numerous direct SMSC and SS7 link connections and indirect operator connections.

B. 2 Way SMS

2 Way SMS (MO) service based on UK long numbers offers enhanced messaging services for different entities in mobile business. Long numbers present a range of possibilities which can be used to a number of purposes in different businesses which need 2-way communication, such as wireless application service providers, MVNOs, MVNEs, SMS aggregators, advertising agencies, media channels and mobile infrastructure providers.

MILWEB BULK SMS Portal solution benefits:

  • Low-cost solution for SMS and voice
  • Obtained directly from SS7 link
  • Proprietary SMSC-based solution over SS7 connectivity enabling reliability of service
  • Covering more than 700 networks in over 150 countries
  • Carrier-grade technical infrastructure provides reliability - a fault-tolerant and cost-effective solution
  • Reliable, secure and timely delivery guaranteed by Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Competitive pricing

Long number vs. short codes:

  • International accessibility over national accessibility of short codes
  • Ideal for long-term campaigns or other projects, as a long number can be assigned exclusively for a long term
  • Dedicated number, while a short code is commonly shared across multiple brands

Services Supported:

  • 2-way communication with sales personnel or suppliers
  • Response to marketing campaigns
  • Reception of SMS to be forwarded to computer or user account
  • Competitions and voting initiated by TV and radio shows
  • Globally available number for international companies
  • SMS-to-email applications
  • SMS chat services

C. Mobile Marketing

Consumers all over the world have come to rely on their mobile phone as an essential communications tool. They personalize it, take it everywhere they go, and many cannot imagine living without it. According to Aberdeen Group's research done in 2006, with over 1 billion SMS exchanged per month worldwide, 81% of enterprises surveyed identified SMS as key to satisfying customer needs.

Forrester Research has also shown that SMS is one of the most responsive marketing communications mediums, with 5 times better response rates than direct marketing.

The following features of SMS turn a well-planned mobile marketing campaign into a powerful tool:

  • SMS messages can be sent and read at any time.
  • SMS messages can be sent to an offline mobile phone.
  • SMS messaging is not intrusive.
  • 100% of GSM mobile phones support SMS messages.
  • SMS messages are capable of carrying binary data besides text (e.g. ringtones and logos).
  • Two Way SMS allows customers to reply to messages.

D. Social Networking

Social Networks / Applications are the bread and butter of the new age Internet, commonly referred to as Web2.0. MILWEB BULK SMS believes that using SMS to bind the two worlds together is the most cost effective, reliable and simple to implement method available.

E. The Mobile Banking Necessities

It is imperative that banking and payment institutions offer their customers mobile banking facilities - today. The 2008 Juniper Research report on the mobile financial sector predicts that over 800 million people will use their mobile phones to access banking and payment services by 2011. As a result the number of mobile banking transactions is expected to increase to 37 million by the same year.

F. Insurance on mobile messaging

More than half the people on the planet have mobile phones and are choosing to use them as their primary form of communication. This means that all industries need to be geared up to offer mobile solutions in order to keep their customers and attract new ones. The insurance industry, in particular, faced with the increased costs of communication and the increased demand from customers for efficient and fast interaction need to add a mobile component to their insurance offerings.

SWIFTWEB BULK SMS, the Nigerian leader in mobile messaging, can position your insurance company for long-term success in the mobile insurance market. With years of global experience, a reliable relationship with over 700 network operators in over 150 countries and award-winning mobile message-enabling products, SWIFTWEB BULK SMS can position your company as a mobile market leader in the insurance industry.

G. Messaging for your personal use

If you need to send messages to your friends or family anywhere in the world while you are in the office, at home or even on
the move, then MILWIFTWEB BULK SMS Portal is perfect for you.

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